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Artist Painter, Milagros Palmieri

Milagros Palmieri


Milagros Palmieri was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico in 1961. She was raised in a very artistic environment, where her father would play the guitar every single night and most of her bothers played all kind of musical instruments. As the youngest female, her older sisters would drew paper dolls for her to play, while she would participate as well by making her own stuff dolls and other art crafts; like doll outfits and houses. Since very early in her childhood she had a strong sense of a special gift that she was born with and began to develop it by using her creativity and artistic talents every single day. There was never a time in her life without some form of artistic expression. During her childhood some friends inquired her services for school art projects and, while attending college, she freelanced for print shops as a graphic designer. Painting comes naturally to her and as she grew-up, her artistic expressions have been mainly through oil paintings. Today she shares the results of her artistic explorations by conducting oil painting workshops to people who approach her with the desire to develop their painting skills.

Milagros is not interested in expressing her talents through new colors or style trends in the art world and only paints subjects that she feels touched by in her heart, allowing her inspiration and energy transmitted by the subjects to take control of the painting process itself. The results of such expressions, allows each individual piece to develop in its own direction, working its relationship internally but not falling into any pattern with the other artwork pieces.

Artist Statement:

To me, art is a spiritual experience where the skies opens up and pours down a vibration of energy that connects to me and guides the decision making during the entire painting process. When I paint, I transfer that powerful energy into my compositions because I want them to tell a story of beauty, mystery and the sublime. I invite the viewer to be transported beyond an awareness of the painted scene, to a powerful sense of the place itself. I see beauty and poetry in emotions and in just about everything that I look at. I see a rainbow of colors within each individual color, in a subject. A lot of my inspiration comes from the relationship that transforms colors and emotions into beautiful things and also by subjects that reflect historic like character and an air of the past. To me the ultimate way to convey the magic and enchantment of the beauty that surrounds me, is by making it tangible with my own interpretation and God given talents. The world is beautiful and here I share part of mine with you. I wish that my expressions of beauty touch you in a special way. ----Milagros Palmieri


Grupo Batik Art, Barcelona, Spain - Dates 6-15 to 7-04-06
Ceres Gallery, Chelsea, New York - Dates 7-11 to 8-05-06
Paola Trevisan Arte Contemporanea, Ferrara, Italy - Dates 10-29 to 11-06-05
at the Imbarcadero Room of the Castello Estense Museum


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