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Artist Painter, Mia Roman Hernandez

Mia Roman Hernandez


Born in August 1967 in the urban city of Brooklyn, NY to Puerto Rican parents. I currently reside in Queens, NY, and have the best of both worlds.

It was with my family that I first learned to appreciate the importance of an artistic community. Being surrounded by so many creative people provided me with a nurturing artistic environment that encouraged me to explore and learn without boundaries. Seeing my mother design costumes and clothing for beauty pageants inspired me to do the same with my dolls. My grandmother from Guanica Puerto Rico taught me how to crotchet at a very young age and I used those talents to make hats, scarves, dolls clothing, blankets and so much more. I loved arts and crafts projects which encourage my creative side. I went on to start my very own children’s party planning business with my sister called Giggles and Chuckles and enjoyed making all the decorations by hand.

Creativity and artistry is something that runs through my blood and family. Having two brothers that are artists a sister that is a poet a mother that is an interior decorator and jewelry designer, a grandfather that was a painter and a grandmother that creates magical pieces with yarns was a typical day at home. Art has become a passion of mine and was encouraged by my parents. It’s a way of expression and freedom.

My family and life experience is what truly leads my hand and nourishes my creativity. My family plays a big role in inspiring me along with some of my favorite artists like, Frida Kahlo, Goya, Picasso and Rafael Tufino just to name a few. Although my primary choice of medium is acrylic paint I do enjoy experimenting with various mixed mediums, oil paint, fabric, wood, ceramics etc. My favorite subjects to paint are of culture (Hispanic-Africano and Taino), emotion (Loss-satisfaction-serenity) and spirituality (Santeria-Latin folk Catholicism and Christianity). I enjoy sampling various existences and experiences. My paintings are a record of my experiences and ideas, an expression of heart and personal truth. It has been a great way to express myself visually. My emotions, love and passion for my ancestral past and traditions are all conveyed in each painting.

While traveling through Europe and the Caribbean I had the opportunity to visit the worlds most treasured pieces in history like … the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, Michael Angelo’s David and to view art by Obed Gomez, Elizabeth Baez, Frida Kahlo, Goya, and so much more.

If I had to sum up my inspirations into one word it would be “Life”. The driving force behind my work is very personal. It is an influence of family, culture and a deep sense of spirituality.

“I believe that if you do not try you will never know and the only risk you miss is the one you don’t take”. By Mia



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