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Artist Painter, Luis A. Berrios

Luis A. Berrios


Though born from Puerto Rican parents in the Bronx N.Y. This contemporary artist was raised in Puerto Rico, and it was there that his passion for art was born and nurtured. In his youth, he expressed this passion by painting numerous murals, many of them alongside his art teacher, on the walls of his school.

Returning to his birthplace in New York City around the mid 80's, he resorted to his talent to help support himself, selling his paintings through different venues on weekends while attending college full time. It was at this time, through fellow students, that he was exposed as the infamous street artist known as StayHigh149. He immersed himself into this art form " Graffiti " around 1968 thru 1971. and in short time was considered by many as one of the top graffiti artist in NYC. While it wasn't necessarily one of his greatest accomplishments, or something he is now always proud of, he realizes the influence that it's had on his artistic development, and is grateful for all that he's learned from it.

Though having taken a hiatus over the last few years, while attending a Hispanic Art Exhibit in Orlando Fl. his passion for art, coupled with his love for his parents' native island, has renewed his zeal for painting, this time using images taken from his most vivid memories of his dual culture and conveying them onto canvas.

About These Paintings:

Grupo Salsa is featured on Pacific Enterprise LLC, as the Viva La Musica Program.

Taina Pariendo, won the 2004 AvanceBoricua Painting of the month award.

Coqui crusificado was donated to Elizabeth Hernandes of el partido PIP.

Camino a Belen was donated to El Centro de Cultura de Puerto Rico en la Florida.

  • Grupo Salsa
  • oqui Congero
  • Mi Raza
  • Salsa


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