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Puerto Rican Painter will serve to bring the creative, cultural and artistic talents of Puerto Rico's Artist Painters both past and present along with their stories to the online art world.

Puerto Rico has a very rich, cultural and creative mix of painters going back as far as Francisco Oller.

Artist Painter Francisco Oller was born in San Juan, PR, in 1833. He studied at Academia de San Fernando, Madrid, and Academia Suisse y Atelier de Notre Dame-des-Champs, Paris. In 1868, Oller founded his first Escuela de Dibujo, in San Juan. In 1889, he established Escuela de Arte para Se?oritas at Ateneo Puertorrique?o. In 1898, he set up Academia de Dibujo y Pintura, San Juan. Oller also taught drawing in PR public schools. He was awarded silver medal at Primera Feria Exposici?n, 1854; and gold medals at Exposici?n del cuarto centenario del descubrimiento de PR, 1893, and Ateneo Puertorrique?o, 1908.

Puerto Rican Painter will bring the Galleries, Studios & Museums across the island and their exhibitions of Puerto Rico's Artist Painters to the online art world.

Your trip at Puerto Rican Painter will start at the Artist page where you will find the very best in Puerto Rico's creative and talented painters. Most artist put brush to canvas to tell a story about incidents in their life's' and experiences they have had. By getting to know these artist painters you will gain the knowledge of their experiences and come to know the Puerto Rican, how he works, lives and their creative nature.

On to the Galleries page to learn about Puerto Rico's Museums, Art Galleries and their exciting exhibitions of artist painters and sample their exciting works of art.

Artist & Galleries are encouraged to visit the membership page for information on becoming a member. Members who join will also receive a listing on our affiliate web site. Puerto Rican Painter will bring the very best in artistic talent to the online art lover.

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Journey back to my isla,

On October 24, 25 and 26, Jose Rios will host ”Journey Back to Mi Isla” in the
basement at 3439 Knox Place. In his farewell show, ”Journey Back to Mi Isla”,
Rios displays each piece of unsold art to benefit his life long dream. More...

Journey Original Art Show Sale's Gallery... Gallery!

Not Alone: the windows of Jose Rios

Both written by: Nellie Escalante-Dumberger Puerto Rican/Latino arts educator and writer.



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