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Artist Painter, Gerry Ruiz Cirino

Gerry Ruiz Cirino


Born on April 20th in Fajardo, a northeastern town in the paradise island of Puerto Rico, his first step in the arts commenced at the very young age of 11. Gerry had been carving sculptures out of chalk for recreation. Though he did it just for fun, it was then when his instructors discovered his talent and inclination for the arts. He then began taking art classes and presented his first exposition in the elementary school Leonardo D’avinci, in Queens, New York. During the same year he returned to his homeland of Puerto Rico and though he continued painting and creating chalk sculptures, he remained in an anonymous state for the next several years.

It was in 1980 when Gerry met various renowned artists in Puerto Rico that began to attend several art shows and other art related activities. As a result, he was inspired to seriously commit to his true passion on life.

Working together with some contemporaneous artists, he had the opportunity to develop his own style. He also made various collective exhibitions, among these was one at Ramirez College, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. On the 20th of March 1987, he had another opportunity to present his work together with some contemporaneous artist. This exhibit took place in his native town, Loiza, where he was honored for his work.

By 1988, Gerry Ruiz Cirino returned to the United States, establishing himself in the state of Connecticut. Later in 1993, he began working in a local newspaper called El Titular (New Haven, CT), a 'Latino" newspaper, where he oversaw the Arts Department. Currently the artist is working on new projects and private exhibitions. He continues to reinvent himself through his art. Some of his past work includes working as an Art Instructor in a Children’s after school Program at the Yale University Child Study Center . He also served as an Art Instructor for the Green Street Art Center, a project of Wesleyan University in Middletown Connecticut.

  • Cosecha
  • Fiesta
  • La Cosecha
  • La diva Tita
  • La meza
  • Las Bananas
  • Reposo
  • Salsa Rendition
  • Tempestad Jibara
  • untitled


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