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Artist Painter, Luis F. Rodriguez

Jose F Rios | Puerto Rican Painter Artist


Luis F. Rodriguez was born in the island of Puerto Rico and left the island with his mother and brother in 1958. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York.

Luis always had an interest in art and studied on his own and via a correspondence art instruction school during his teenage years. In 1966 he received a full scholarship to Brandeis University and in 1970 graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and Sociology. While at the University he continued to take classes in art as selective. In addition, he read about art and different artists to learn all he could about the subject. The art style that impressed him the most was impressionism.

However, it was not until 2004 that he began painting professionally using Acrylic as his favorite medium. He is now fully dedicated to his art creations and has won several awards / ribbons in Juried competitions. He has sold many of his paintings and limited edition prints throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and other countries. He paints landscapes, seascapes and does portraits (Cameo's, etc.). His main subject… his island.

Luis is the former President of the Coalition of Hispanic Artists, teaches art and gives workshops and presentations on art related subjects.
He can be contacted via email at
More of his paintings can be seen and/or purchased at... and


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