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Artist Painter, ELSTABO


Spawned out from the ugly Barrios of Sunset Park NYC, He has been picking on the scab of the art market since the early nineties. With a cannibalistic ferocity he has indulged in the art of making art. At one point in his creative life, after waking from the vomit soaked bed sheets, he pushes the young ghetto maiden off the bed and decides to enroll in a art school. A wasted 8 years,,yes..eight the Fashion Institute of technology. After the brain washing and misdirection's of the faculty, Elstabo has been able to focus on his favorite subjects. So ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the manifestations that emerge out of the strange mind of Elstabo.


Oct 11th 08. Voces de la Tierra Art event (benefit for Hispanic Heritage Foundation) @ Artery 717. V.A
Sep. 19th-21st 08. Artwhino @ "washington DC international arts expo" D.C.
May 2th-4th 08. "Art undressed" Miami.FL. (touring)
Dec 24th 07. "Artist collaberation" @ "" V.A.
May 18th 07. "Artrotica VII " @ "The Crucible" D.C.
Mar 2nd 07. "Erotic Art show" @ MOCCADC Gallery D.C.
Jun 15th 05. "Going Underground" at Art@Large Gallery N.Y.C.
Dec 1st 05. Antogonist Movement @ Niagara Lounge N.Y.C.
Jun 6th 05. Sub Culture City @ CB 313 Gallery N.Y.C.
May 5th 05. The Night Block @ Dusk Lounge N.Y.C.
Apr 16th 05. IMPACT 2005 @ Asian Fusion GAllery N.Y.C.

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