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Artist Painter, Luis Germán Cajiga

Luis Germán Cajiga


Luis Germán Cajiga was born in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico in 1934. In 1952, he began his formal artistic education in the Division of Community Education in San Juan. During his years of study at the institution, Cajiga stood out with his silk screening technique and became student of recognized Puerto Rican artists such as Lorenzo Homar, Rafael Tufiño, and Fran Cervoni among others. The young artist also collaborated with various publications of the Division, including posters, illustrations for books, and films.

Cajiga first gained popularity with his work Escalerilla de Monjas (1957). His works total more than 300, and in spite of being known mostly for his work in the silk screening technique, Cajiga also is known by his work in acrylic. Through his works, Cajiga orchestrates several elements to produce eloquent descriptions of Puerto Rican scenes and customs. His Creole art style incorporates color as the central aspect of its works; this is shown in the bright pastel colors of Old San Juan, the green of the mountains, and the red of our national tree, the flamboyán. Cajiga captures the colorful and simplicity daily routines of Puerto Rico and its people. Moreover, the talent of this artist is not only limited to visual arts, Cajiga is also writer. He has published five poem books, 12 theology books, and a vegetarian recipe book.

His works have been exposed around the world in Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Cuba, the United States and the Soviet Union among others. On the island, Cajiga has exposed his works in the Ateneo Puertorriqueño, the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, the Museum of Art of Ponce, the University of Puerto Rico, the Pontifical Catholic University of Ponce, and the Inter-American University. Cajiga also owns his own gallery, located in the Gilberto Concepción de Gracia Promenade, across from the Port number 4 in Old San Juan.

The works of this outstanding Puerto Rican artist reflect the diversity of Puerto Rico today, the vivacity of the Puerto Rican community, and the contrast between rural and urban lifestyles. Luis Germán Cajiga is without doubt, one of the most beloved painters of Puerto Rico.

Estudio Luis G. Cajiga
Ana Rosa Cajiga, Directora
205 Calle San Justo
Viejo San Juan
(787) 723-8627

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