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Artist Painter, Bernardo Diaz

Bernardo Diaz


A native of Puerto Rico born on Juanuary 29,1962 in Arecibo. Bernardo credits his parents' desire for providing him with a better life, along with his relentless drive to overcome personal adversity, for discovering his innate artistic talents.

Extensive travel both domestically and abroad provided Diaz with an opportunity to develop his creative gifts and develop a refined style of painting which puts him in a league of his own. He has been recognized as an artist with a gift for color, texture and technique.

“Traveling abroad was an eye opening experience. It gave me an appreciation for a wide range of multi cultural influences. This in turn helped me to find the voice and style which have enabled me to develop my craft. My sense of color and texture, which are an integral part of the work I do, have been completely influenced by places I have visited and the people I’ve met along the way.”

During the course of his studies, Diaz has experimented with a variety of art forms including sculpting and digital photography. However, according to Diaz, “my true calling as an artist has been fulfilled by an inner awakening and a passion for creating uniquely sensual and vibrant works of art.”

A graduate of Hunter College with a degree in the Arts, Bernardo is both philanthropic and community minded. Several of Bernardo’s paintings were donated and auctioned off for charity at the Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Cancer Institute in Maryland. He is currently a member of the Westside Arts Coalition in New York, and the Rehoboth Art League in Delaware. Bernardo resides in New York City.


Recently, my paintings have become increasingly non-objective with shapes layered and textured with exhilarating color combinations. Reflecting on my life, the places I've been and the people I've met, painting allows me to transfer those feelings and memories onto the canvas.

Each of my unique paintings is an invitation into a world where reality is distorted through the eyes of others. i invite the viewer to share my experience as though they were a guest in my home. i want you to be comfortable, relaxed and enjoy the alluring, brilliant and distinct juxtapositions of colors that transcend reality.


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