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Artist Painter, Benjamin Mercado

Benjamin Mercado


My Name is Benjamin Mercado. I was born in Vieques, Puerto Rico and at the age of eleven moved to Chicago.

My passion for art goes back to childhood. Fascinated by the Chicago Art Museum at an early age, I have a fondness for all genres. From Drawing, to music to wood sculptures I hold an appreciation for all creativity.

I am self-taught and these last few years I have been more focused on my work. The images depicted are a reflection of what moves or inspires me at the moment.

My early art is predominately abstract pen and pencil. I see it as a study of shade and geometrical combinations. Contrasting angles and shapes compliment each other with detail seldom seen in other art works. My hobbies besides Drawing are playing the guitar, reading, gardening, playing chess and teaching my grandchildren drawing and music.

Artist Statement:

My projects and inspiration take me in different paths. All I see is beauty and wonder how it came to be. While others worked and toiled, I immersed in sightseeing, even while Truck driving for 30 years.

Man made or God given, beauty surrounds us every moment. To capture it is to perpetuate moments and subjects. Ink ballpoint pen is easy to master. Regular and color pencils add to any project and are very forgiving.

The joy in the eyes of all who see my work is the final product.
I am blessed by the culture from Puerto Rico and it gives me great pride.

Benjamin Mercado


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