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A painter is an artist who puts brush to canvas to create a work of art that tells a story. The Puerto Rican Artist is born into a race of some of the most creative, crafty and artistic people in the world. was created and developed to showcase the talents and creativity of the Puerto Rican artist who picks up a brush, paint and puts it to canvas to tell their story.

Puerto Rican Painter was designed and developed to bring the creative talents of Puerto Rico's Culture, Arts and Crafts all under one roof. I saw the need to gather information on the creative talents of its artist both past, present and looking to the future. At this site's pages we hope to bring together all Artist/Painters of Puerto Rican descent. We have hopes of adding a few new Artist/Painters each month. All this will not be possible without the help and assistance of our visitors, the artist themselves and the studios/galleries which service them. Artist/Painters from all walks of life are more than welcome to subscribe to as partner/members of this site. We will show case partner/members in the shows page as well as the members and partners page. If you are an artist and wish to have your works of art displayed on this site and/or our affiliate sites just visit the members page for information on becoming a member/partner.

We have plans of bringing together the very best works of art and the stories of the artist that create them. If you know an Artist/Painter that should be featured on this site, drop us an email with information on said Artist/Painter or provide him/her with information on how to contact us. The success of this site lies on the talent we bring to it and the support of each Artist/Painter's followers/patrons and the galleries/studios that service them.

If you have a show, exhibition or any other activity that show cases a Puerto Rican Painter/Artist just drop us an email with said information for inclusion on our shows page...

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