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Artist Painter, Edwin La Santa Rivera

Edwin La Santa Rivera


Born in: Corozal, PR Julio 19 1973

Professional Background: BS Chemical Engineer from the University of PR, Mayagüez Campus

Work: Actually working as a Project Engineer in Advanced Medical Optics Añasco, PR

Art: While I was studying Chemical Engineering in the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus during years 1991 to 1997 I took several courses in theater and dances since my interest by the arts in all its forms has been present in my life. My interest for painting and drawing started very early in my life but I was limited only as a viewer going to art galleries or through books and the Internet. I admire a lot of painters but my favorite one is Dalí since his paintings demonstrate courage to break barriers and the images was very controversial and futuristic.

It was not until very recent on October of 2005 that I decided to start painting to explore that field of the art discovering that inside me existed a painter who was fighting all my life to be liberated. I never had the opportunity to take painting courses and although it can seem a disadvantage, for me it has been the key of success, having my own style. The greatest satisfaction that I obtain is when I saw the result of my work and effort, to see how my paintings had been evolved one after another. In only one year I have completed 40 paintings and I feel proud of each one of them.

This art has become for me one of the most fascinating forms of expression. Through the painting I can show my feelings and my imagination flies to other dimensions. My knowledge in Engineering helped me to obtain realistic images by visualizing proportions easily, dynamics and perspective, obtaining realistic images even in the most unreal expressions. It is like fusing sciences and the art in one.

When I paint I do not limit myself with colors, textures, or movements, I just let my mind fly and I turn my hand in a printer of ideas or dreams. As an artist my fundamental interest is not to sell art for decoration, I want to deliver a message in each one of my works that can serve as inspiration and make the viewer think about it. For me is very rewarding to see somebody that understood my message.

Gallery/Exhibition: My first Exhibition was with Galería Zagala in Mayaguez, PR. My work had been exposed also in Doble 00 Restaurant, Aguada and actually I have a long term exhibition in the Café Teatro Nova Ley in Mayaguez PR.

  • Alma Boricua
  • Atormentado
  • Ballet Scenario
  • End of Day
  • Hogar de Suenos
  • Light Hope
  • Looking into the Soul
  • Los Reyes
  • Music of the Soul
  • Paternidad Adoptiva


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